Artist and Evander Holyfield friend, Cameron Conrad created this piece when he heard the story of Evander looking in the mirror as a young child and quietly repeating, "Heavyweight champion of the world."  Cameron's imagination and recreation captured that but also an anonymous shoeless child gazing at the peaceful warrior and champion.  The first 100 donations of $1,000 or more will receive a 16"x 20" canvas print of this limited painting!


One of our most unique projects and approaches to educating our youth about emotional intelligence is the production of an animated series titled, "Wroxer."  This series is based around a group of "cyborgs" that use human emotional strength as their super hero powers and are mentored by none other than Evander Holyfield.  Funding will provide production and distribution to the United States educational system and will be accessible in your home!  Projected launch is early 2021!


Thank you for visiting the site and thank you for any support or discussion regarding my foundation.  It is truly an honor to be in a position to take my past success and utilize it to better the world.  This is the beginning of the rest of my life as I strive to be a mentor and voice for our youth.

It is important for me to let kids know that my childhood was filled with challenges and not having access to some of life's basic pleasures.  But my mama and God were instrumental in giving me direction, strength, and hope.  That is what I want kids to see.  If you know of a child that visits a community center everyday, that is dealing with a broken family, parents working 3 jobs to put food on the table, or worse, troubled with drugs and alcohol... I want them to know me and know my story.  I want them to know that the boy pictured at the top of my website was a 9 year-old chasing a dream.  I stood in front of the mirror and said over and over again, "Heavyweight Champion of the World."  I said it until I believed it.

Today, our youth faces the same challenges I did but also face greater emotional issues because of the access to information, social media, and an epidemic of bullying.  Our goal is to not only give the kids the drive to be physically healthy, but also to receive the tools and knowledge for their emotional growth.  They too, can be the Peaceful Warrior.  God Bless everyone.  

Peace and Love to all,

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